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IIS: HL7 Standard Code Set
MVX - Manufacturers of Vaccines


The CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) developed and maintains HL7 Table 0227, Manufacturers of Vaccines (MVX). The table below is the most up to date value set for this table. It includes both active and inactive manufacturers of vaccines in the US. Inactive MVX codes allow transmission of historical immunization records. When MVX code is paired with a CVX (vaccine administered) code, the specific trade named vaccine may be indicated.

The Status column indicates if the manufacturer is currently making vaccine for distribution in the United States. The Last Updated column indicates the last time this particular manufacturer code was updated in this table.

Questions regarding this table should be directed to the IIS Technical Assistance Team(or use mailing address).

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MVX_CODEManufacturer NameNotesManufacturer StatusLast Updated
AB Abbott Laboratoriesincludes Ross Products Division, SolvayActive5/28/2010
ACA Acambis, Incacquired by sanofi in sept 2008Inactive5/28/2010
AD Adams Laboratories, Inc.Active5/28/2010
AKR Akorn, IncAkorn was a labeler and not a manufacturerInactive4/19/2017
ALP Alpha Therapeutic CorporationActive5/28/2010
AR Armourpart of CSLInactive5/28/2010
AVB Aventis Behring L.L.C.part of CSLInactive5/28/2010
AVI Avironacquired by MedimmuneInactive5/28/2010
BA Baxter Healthcare Corporation-inactiveInactive5/28/2010
BAH Baxter Healthcare Corporationincludes Hyland Immuno, Immuno International AG,and North American Vaccine, Inc./acquired some assets from alpha therapeuticsActive5/28/2010
BAY Bayer CorporationBayer Biologicals now owned by TalecrisInactive5/28/2010
BP Berna ProductsInactive5/28/2010
BPC Berna Products Corporationincludes Swiss Serum and Vaccine Institute BerneActive5/28/2010
BRR Barr LaboratoriesSubsidiary of Teva PharmaceuticalsActive3/20/2011
BTP Biotest Pharmaceuticals CorporationNew owner of NABI HB as of December 2007, Does NOT replace NABI Biopharmaceuticals in this code list.Active5/28/2010
CEN Centeon L.L.C.Inactive5/28/2010
CHI Chiron CorporationPart of NovartisInactive5/28/2010
CMP Celltech Medeva PharmaceuticalsPart of NovartisInactive5/28/2010
CNJ Cangene CorporationPurchased by Emergent BiosolutionsInactive4/29/2014
CON Connaughtacquired by MerieuxInactive5/28/2010
CRU Crucellacquired Berna, now a J & J companyActive12/4/2013
CSL bioCSLbioCSL a part of SeqirusInactive9/26/2016
DVC DynPort Vaccine Company, LLCActive5/28/2010
DVX Dynavax, Inc.Active10/27/2017
DYN DynaportActive9/26/2016
EVN Evans Medical LimitedPart of NovartisInactive5/28/2010
GEO GeoVax Labs, Inc.Active5/28/2010
GRE Greer Laboratories, Inc.Active5/28/2010
GRF GrifolsGrifols is a labeler and not a manufacturer.Active9/5/2013
IAG Immuno International AGPart of BaxterInactive5/28/2010
IDB ID BiomedicalActive9/5/2013
IM MerieuxPart of sanofiInactive5/28/2010
INT Intercell Biomedicalsubsidiary of ValnevaInactive7/19/2016
IUS Immuno-U.S., Inc.Active5/28/2010
JNJ Johnson and Johnsonacquired CRUCELL which acquired BernaActive7/11/2012
JPN The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University (BIKEN)Active5/28/2010
KED Kedrion Biopharmaacquired Rho(D) from OrthoActive4/29/2014
KGC Korea Green Cross CorporationActive5/28/2010
LED Lederlebecame a part of WAL, now owned by PfizerInactive5/28/2010
MA Massachusetts Public Health Biologic LaboratoriesInactive5/28/2010
MBL Massachusetts Biologic Laboratoriesformerly Massachusetts Public Health Biologic LaboratoriesActive5/28/2010
MCM MCM Vaccine CompanyPartnership between Merck and Sanofi PasteurActive9/21/2015
MED MedImmune, Inc.acquisitions of U.S. Bioscience in 1999 and Aviron in 2002, as well as the integration with Cambridge Antibody Technology and the strategic alignment with our new parent company, AstraZeneca, in 2007.Active5/28/2010
MIL MilesInactive5/28/2010
MIP Emergent BioDefense Operations LansingA unit of Emergent BioSolutions, Bioport renamed. Formerly Michigan Biologic Products InstituteActive4/29/2014
MSD Merck and Co., Inc.Active10/18/2012
NAB NABIformerly North American Biologicals, Inc.Active5/28/2010
NAV North American Vaccine, Inc.part of BaxterInactive5/28/2010
NOV Novartis Pharmaceutical CorporationNovartis has sold its flu vaccines to Seqirus and other vaccines to GlaxoSmithKline. While Novartis vaccines may still be in circulation, its status is set to not active.Inactive4/13/2016
NVX Novavax, Inc.Active5/28/2010
NYB New York Blood CenterActive5/28/2010
ORT Ortho-clinical Diagnosticsa J & J company (formerly Ortho Diagnostic Systems, Inc.)Active5/28/2010
OTC Organon Teknika CorporationActive11/2/2010
OTH Other manufacturerActive5/28/2010
PAX PaxVaxActive6/24/2015
PD Parkedale Pharmaceuticalsno website and no news articles (formerly Parke-Davis)Inactive5/28/2010
PFR Pfizer, Incincludes Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines and Pediatrics, Wyeth Laboratories, Lederle Laboratories, and Praxis Biologics,Active5/28/2010
PMC sanofi pasteurformerly Aventis Pasteur, Pasteur Merieux Connaught; includes Connaught Laboratories and Pasteur Merieux. Acquired ACAMBIS.Active5/28/2010
PRX Praxis Biologicsbecame a part of WAL, now owned by PfizerInactive5/28/2010
PSC Protein SciencesActive5/1/2013
PWJ PowderJect PharmaceuticalsSee NovartisInactive5/28/2010
SCL Sclavo, Inc.Active5/28/2010
SEQ SeqirusSeqirus acquired the flu vaccines from Novartis. It also includes the CSL vaccines.Active4/13/2016
SI Swiss Serum and Vaccine Inst.Part of BernaInactive5/28/2010
SKB GlaxoSmithKline includes SmithKline Beecham and Glaxo WellcomeActive5/28/2010
SOL Solvay PharmaceuticalsPart of AbbottInactive5/28/2010
TAL Talecris Biotherapeuticsincludes Bayer BiologicalsActive5/28/2010
UNK Unknown manufacturerActive5/28/2010
USA United States Army Medical Research and Material CommandActive5/28/2010
VAL ValnevaDistributes through Intercell in the USActive7/19/2016
VXG VaxGenacquired by Emergent Biodefense Operations Lansing, IncInactive5/28/2010
WA Wyeth-Ayerstbecame WAL, now owned by PfizerInactive5/28/2010
WAL Wyethacquired by Pfizer 10/15/2009Active5/28/2010
ZLB ZLB Behringacquired by CSLInactive5/28/2010
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