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The CDC Unified Process (UP) is an overarching framework and methodology that contains the necessary information and supporting tools that assist project managers and project teams in following best practices in project management. The UP encompasses Federal regulatory requirements, the HHS Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) framework, requirements of CDC's Information Resources (IR) Governance processes, Program Management, Project Management, Product Development, and other relevant internal and external standards, policies, and requirements. The UP is a collection of practices, processes, tools, artifacts, and information that any project can use to structure, track, and manage activities and deliverables to better deliver high-quality investment outcomes on schedule, budget, and within scope.

The CDC UP is a defined and clear approach to successful project delivery through a consistent and repeatable integration of practices and processes that comply with Federal regulations and policies, industry best practices, and PHIN and CDC standards. Examples of these processes include Goals Management, Security Certification and Accreditation, Privacy Impact Assessment, Enterprise Architecture, Procurement and Contracts, Project Management, and Capital Planning and Investment Control.

CDC Unified Process Enterprise Performance Life Cycle Regulatory Compliance Governance Compliance Product Development Project Management CDC UP

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The CDC UP can be applied to projects across the CDC (e.g., IT, campaign, and construction), not just informatics projects, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of project management processes. It will also accommodate a fast-track approach for quickly developing solutions in the event of a public health emergency.

The CDC UP website makes the following information and support easily accessible:

  • Step-by-step descriptions of all the processes that projects must follow to comply with Federal regulations, CDC policies, and to promote successful and high-quality project outcomes
  • The approximate timing and level of effort required for each process and the integration points between processes so that project managers can proactively plan for appropriate resources, funding, dependencies, and project schedules
  • A collection of Practices Guides that provide guidance to project teams about key project management practices
  • A collection of reusable Templates and Check Lists that project teams can use to facilitate project management and delivery
  • Other project management related documents, information, and links to assist project teams

Download content helpful in introducing yourself or your organization to the CDC Unified Process:


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