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CDC UP Process Guides were developed to help project teams comply with Federal regulations along with PHIN and CDC policies and standards. The specific processes a CDC project team must complete for compliance vary from project to project based a number of characteristics. The table below provides a series of questions to help the project team assess which processes they are required to complete for compliance. Click here for a complete list of CDC UP Process Guides.

Note:  CDC UP Process Guides focus on compliance-related processes applicable to IT projects. If your project does not involve the development or use of an IT system, you may not be required to complete any of the processes returned by this survey.

Question Yes No
Will the project output allow individuals with disabilities comparable access, to the same information, as those without disabilities?
Will the project involve the use of information or database technology?
Will the project collect or use information that, directly or in conjunction with other Agency data elements, can be used to identify specific individuals (e.g., name, address, social security number, email, etc.)?
Will the project handle or maintain electronic records?
Will the project exchange sensitive, but not classified or critical, information with external partners
require secure data network (SDN) services?
Will the project handle, disseminate, or store classified material or information?
Will the project involve planning, procuring, or developing (internal or external to the CDC) technology hardware or software?
Will the project meet any of the following conditions?
  • Collect or maintain information for, or on behalf of, the CDC?
  • Use any software or information system for, or on the behalf of, the CDC?
  • Be operated by CDC, a CDC Contractor, or an independent organization working for, or on behalf of, the CDC?
  • Has the project, which has already completed the C&A process, undergone significant changes?
Will the project require the procurement of any supplies, services, or commercial items within the scope of an existing CDC contract?
Will the project require the procurement of:
  1. Less than $100,000 of supplies or services?
  2. Less than $5,000,000 of commercial items?
Will the project require the procurement of

  1. More than $100,000 of supplies or services?
  2. Supplies not available from an existing General Service Administration (GSA), Smart Pay, or CDC contract?
Will the project:
  1. Require hosting?
  2. IS NOT designated as mission critical by the Agency's Chief Information Officer?


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