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Top of PageA
ACWP - Actual Cost of Work Performed

AOA - Annual Operational Assessment

ASQ - American Society for Quality

ATACS - All Threats Agents Contact System

ATO - Authority to Operate

ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry


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BCP - Business Continuity Planning

BCWP - Budgeted Cost of Work Performed

BCWS - Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled

BNS - Business Needs Statement


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C&A - Certification and Accreditation

C&E - Compliance & Education

C/I/O - Center, Institute, Office (NC as of 04/09/07)

CAM - CDC Area Module

CBA - Cost Benefit Analysis

CC - Coordinating Center

CCB - Change Control Board

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CHT - Controlled Health Thesaurus

CPIC - Capital Planning and Investment Control

CIC - CDC Information Center

CIO - Chief Information Officer

CMA - Computer Match Agreement

CMP - Communication Management Plan

CNA - Certification and Accreditation

CO - Coordinating Office or Contracting Office

COMSEC - Communication Security

COTS - Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software

CPIC - Capital Planning and Investment Control

CR - Change Request

CRA - Countermeasure Response Administration


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DAA - Designated Approving Authority

DEOC - Director's Emergency Operations Center

DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services

DMB - Data Message Brokering

DMZ - Demilitarized Zone

DUA - Data Use Agreement


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EA - Enterprise Architecture

EAC - Estimate At Complete

EAR - Executive Assistance Request

EARB - Enterprise Architecture Review Board

ECTP - Enterprise Community Technology Platform

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

ELR - Electronic Lab Reporting

EM - Executive Milestone

EPLC - Enterprise Performance Life Cycle

Epi-x - Epidemic Information Exchange

EVM - Earned Value Management


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FFP - Firm Fixed Price Contract

FIRMR - Federal Information Resources Management Regulations

FTP - File Transfer Protocol


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GOTS - Government Off the Shelf Software

GRS - General Records Schedule


Top of PageH
HAN - Health Alert Network

HL7 - High Level 7


Top of PageI
IBR - Integrated Baseline Review

ICD - Interface Control Document

ICE - Integrated Contracts Expert

IIF - Information in Identifiable Form

IM - Integration Milestone or Investment Manager

IMPAC - US Bank International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card

INFOSEC - Information System Security

IRM - Information Resource Management

IPT - Integrated Project Team

ISSO - Information System Security Officer

IT - Information Technology

ITIRB - Information Technology Investment Review Board

ITSO - Information Technology Services Officer

IV&V - Independent Verification & Validation

ISSO - Information System Security Officer


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JOFOC - Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition


Top of PageK
KPI - Key Performance Indicators


Top of PageL
LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System

LRN - Laboratory Results Network

LOE - Level of Effort

LUNA - Laboratory User Network Application


Top of PageM
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

MTDC - Mid Tier Data Center


Top of PageN
NARA - National Archives and Records Administration

NBS - National Electronic Disease Surveillance System Base System

NC - National Center

NCIRD - National Center for Infectious Respiratory Diseases

NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement

NEDSS - National Electronic Disease Surveillance System

NEDSS ASP - National Electronic Disease Surveillance System Application Service Provider

NETSS - National Electronic Telecommunications Surveillance System

NOW - NEDSS Operating Workgroup

NPP - NEDSS PAM Platform


Top of PageO
ODS - Operational Data Store

OEC - Office of Enterprise Communication

OGC - Office of the General Council

OID - Object Identifier

OMS - Outbreak Management System

OCISO - Office of the Chief Information Security Officer


Top of PageP
PAM - Program Area Module

PDCA - Program Digital Certificate Administrator

PDW - Preparedness Data Warehouse

PHIN - Public Health Information Network

PHIN MS - Public Health Information Network Messaging System

PHIN VADS - Public Health Information Network Vocabulary Access and Distribution System

PHIN VS - Public Health Information Network Vocabulary Services

PHLIP - Public Health Lab Interoperability Program

PIA - Privacy Impact Assessment

PIAW - Privacy Impact Assessment Worksheets

PM - Project Manager

PME - Project Milestone

PMBOK - Project Management Body of Knowledge

PMI - Project Management Institute

PMP - Project Management Plan

PMP (when referencing PMI) - Project Management Professional

POA&M - Plan of Action and Milestones

PPA - Project Process Agreement


Top of PageQ
QA - Quality Assurance

QC - Quality Control

QP - Quality Planning

QMP - Quality Management Plan


Top of PageR
RFC - Request for Contract

RFP - Request for Proposal

RO - Records Officer

ROM - Rough Order of Magnitude

RTO - Request for Task Order

RTOP - Request for Task Order Proposal

RUP - Rational Unified Process


Top of PageS
SCI - Sensitive Compartmented Information

SCIF - Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SDLC - Systems Development Life Cycle

SDN - Secure Data Network

SDO - Standards Development Organization

SLA - Service Level Agreement

SME - Subject Matter Expert

SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

SOR - System of Record

SORN - System of Record Notice

SOW - Statement of Work

SPAR-x - Countermeasure Surveillance, Preparedness and Response System

SSJ - Sole Source Justification

SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

STARRS - Specimen Tracking and Results Reporting System


Top of PageT
TAG - Technical Assistance Group

TEP - Technical Evaluation Panel

TSE - Technology Service Executive


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Contact Us to Suggest a Term


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VADS - Vocabulary Access and Distribution System

VMBIP - Vaccine Management Business Improvement Plan


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WBS - Work Breakdown Structure

WONDER - Wide-Range Online Data for Epidemiological Research


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