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Vaccine Inventory Management

Use tally sheets to keep vaccine stock records up-to-date. Some immunization programs have tally sheets or other vaccine inventory protocols and procedures (e.g., vaccine inventory management within electronic Immunization Information Systems). Contact the immunization program for information and follow their recommendations. If tally sheets are not available, a Sample Tally Sheet is available at the link below.

  • Use tally sheets to document each time a dose is removed from the vaccine storage unit, including doses administered, wasted, compromised, expired, or transferred.
  • Place the tally sheet on the outside of the storage unit door or in some other convenient location.
  • Use tick marks to document doses removed and record the initials of the person removing the dose.
  • Replace tally sheets on a weekly basis and store the old ones for future reference.

The vaccine coordinator or a designated person should use the tally sheet to update the vaccine stock record to maintain a current vaccine stock balance.

Graphic showing a portion of a tally sheet with sample data filled in.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Click here to access a sample tally sheet and more detail on using a tally sheet.

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