Immunization: You Call the Shots
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Contraindications & Precautions

The conditions listed below are NOT valid contraindications or precautions to any vaccine covered in this module. You can vaccinate when any of these conditions are present. Click on each to learn more.

A photo of a nurse talking to mother holding a child. bullet Minor illness
bullet Antimicrobial therapy
bullet Disease exposure or convalescence
bullet Breastfeeding - except vaccinia vaccine for mothers
bullet Pregnancy in the household - except vaccinia vaccine
bullet Preterm birth
bullet Nonspecific allergies
bullet Nonsevere allergic reaction to a vaccine component
Source: HealthSoft, Inc.

Preterm birth

You can vaccinate premature babies according to chronological
. The vaccines cannot harm them and they will develop active
immunity. However, if an infant weighs < 2 kg at birth, and the mother is hepatitis B surface antigen-negative, this infant can receive the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine at chronological age 1 month. Premature infants discharged from the hospital before chronological age 1 month can also receive hepatitis B vaccine at discharge, if they are medically stable and have gained weight consistently.

If the mother is hepatitis B surface antigen-positive or if her antigen status is not known, use the vaccine schedule in which the first dose, plus HBIG, is given within 12 hours of birth, regardless of the infant's birth weight. If these infants weigh < 2 kg at birth, this initial dose should not be counted toward completion of the hepatitis B vaccine series, and 3 additional doses should be administered beginning when the infant is 1 month of age.