Estimated Vaccination Coverage^ with Individual Vaccines and Vaccination Series Among Children 19-35 Months of Age by Race/Ethnicity* -- US, National Immunization Survey, Q1/2009-Q4/2009†

**Hib by brand
HepB Birth DoseΆΆ
US National₯83.9±1.092.8±0.790.0±0.883.6±1.054.8±1.492.4±0.760.8±1.389.6±0.892.6±0.780.4±1.146.6±1.443.9±1.481.5±1.170.5±1.244.3±1.4
  White only, non-Hispanic85.8±1.193.3±0.890.8±0.982.9±1.255.3±1.692.3±0.958.8±1.689.2±1.093.2±0.883.4±1.242.6±1.646.4±1.683.5±1.272.4±1.445.2±1.6
  Black only, non-Hispanic78.6±3.190.9±2.388.2±2.780.4±3.151.2±3.791.6±2.261.7±3.788.2±2.791.5±2.273.2±3.441.3±3.738.0±3.676.6±3.364.3±3.639.6±3.6
Hispanic 82.9±2.592.5±1.889.3±2.086.4±2.255.4±3.392.6±1.764.7±3.190.7±1.992.7±1.780.6±2.549.3±3.343.7±3.280.4±2.672.0±2.945.9±3.3
  American Indian or Alaska Native only, non-Hispanic82.1±8.192.2±5.594.9±3.188.3±5.9NA92.5±5.2NA89.2±6.394.4±4.676.2±9.233.2±9.8NA80.6±8.3NANA
  Asian only, non-Hispanic86.6±5.594.0±3.490.7±4.381.4±6.454.6±8.893.1±3.253.3±9.289.5±5.388.5±5.072.5±9.550.9±9.141.7±8.684.0±5.962.5±9.138.6±7.9
  Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander only, non-Hispanic93.1±4.797.3±2.696.9±3.288.3±5.9NA96.2±3.6NA97.5±2.596.5±5.6NA61.4±18.5NA92.4±5.0NANA
  Multiple Race, non-Hispanic81.8±4.192.8±3.088.5±3.883.7±4.053.7±5.993.3±2.660.7±5.990.6±3.191.1±3.073.1±5.747.8±5.938.4±5.678.4±4.663.4±5.840.7±5.6
^ Estimate=NA (Not Available) if the unweighted sample size for the denominator was <30 or (CI half width)/Estimate > 0.6.
Estimates presented as point estimate (%) ± 95% Confidence Interval.
* Self-reported by respondent. Individual racial groups do not include Hispanic children. Children of Hispanic ethnicity may be of any race.
† Children in the Q1/2009-Q4/2009 National Immunization Survey were born between January 2006 and July 2008.
₯ US National estimates include the 50 States plus DC, and exclude the Virgin Islands.
‡ 4 or more doses of any diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccines including diphtheria and tetanus toxoids, and any acellular pertussis vaccine (DTaP/DTP/DT).
§ 3 or more doses of any poliovirus vaccine.
ll 1 or more doses of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine.
Ά 3 or more doses of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine of any type.
**≥3 or ≥4 doses of Hib vaccine depending on product type received. It includes the primary series plus the booster dose.
†† 3 or more doses of hepatitis B vaccine.
‡‡1 or more doses of varicella at or after child's first birthday, unadjusted for history of varicella illness.
§§ 3 or more doses of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV).
llll 4 or more doses of PCV.
ΆΆ Hepatitis B vaccine administered between birth and age 3 days.
*** Hepatitis A coverage with ≥2 doses of vaccine.
††† Rotavirus vaccine includes ≥2 or ≥3 doses depending on product type received.
‡‡‡ 4 or more doses of DTaP vaccine, 3 or mored doses of poliovirus vaccine, and 1 or more doses of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.
€ 4:3:1 plus 3 or more doses HepB vaccine, 1 or more doses of varicella vaccine and 4 or more doses of PCV. Hib vaccine is excluded.
€€ 4:3:1 plus Hib vaccine depending on product type (>3 or >4 doses), 3 or more doses of HepB, 1 or more doses of varicella, and 4 or more doses of PCV.