Estimated Percentage* of Children 19-35 Months With Selected Socio-demographic Characteristics† By State and Immunization Action Plan Area --U.S., National Immunization Survey, Q1/2002-Q4/2002‡
Below Poverty§Public ProviderllPrivate ProviderWhite
HispanicMSA Central City**

* Estimate=NA (Not Available) if the unweighted sample size for the numerator was <30 or (CI half width)/Estimate >0.5 or (CI half width)>10
† Selected characteristics that have been associated with undervaccination.
‡ Children in the Q1/2002-Q4/2002 National Immunization Survey were born between February 1999 and May 2001.
§ Based on family income and household size using US Bureau of the Census poverty thresholds for 2000
ll Self-reported by the provider.
¶ Self-reported by respondent. Children of Hispanic ethnicity may be of any race.
** Metropolitan Statistical Area as defined by the US Office of Management and Budget
†† % ± 95% Confidence Interval