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Streptococci Group A Subtyping Request Form
Blast 2.0 Server

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Biotechnology Core Facility Computing Laboratory


  1. To assign a type and subtype you should query the type specific database (default) using the form below with at least the first 240 bases obtained with primers emmseq2 or primer 1.
  2. Upon obtaining a perfect match (180/180) to an entry in the type-specific database, you have identified the emm type and subtype of your strain.

If you encounter any new types or subtypes, please submit your unedited sequence traces along with your name/institution, and all information that you can provide concerning the isolate to so that we can include your sequence and information in the CDC database and web site.

Information including any of the following (but not limited to it) is also greatly appreciated if you care to share it:

  • Your name and institution.
  • Isolate designation.
  • Country where isolated.
  • Year isolated.
  • Group carbohydrate (A ,C,G, etc).
  • Specimen (skin lesion, blood, throat, etc.).
  • Clinical manifestation (if any).
  • Multilocus sequence type
  • sof positive or negative.
  • Opacity factor positive or negative.
  • Bacitracin sensitivity
  • T antigen type.
  • spe gene profile.
  • Other virulence determinants.
  • Antibiotic resistance phenotypes/genotypes
  • GenBank designation (if you have it)

The M type-specific sequence databases can be downloaded from (for DNA). (for translations).

Note also that the untrimmed peptide and DNA databases can be downloaded from: (for DNA). (for translations).

If you have questions please contact Velusamy Srinivasan at 404-639-0917 or .

If you wish to enter more than one request, use the ' back ' button on the web browser tool bar after you are notified that your first request has been received. Then you may scroll to change fields and not have to re-type all fields. Results will be sent to your e-mail address from sender ' nobody ' or ' anonymous '.



(* indicates a required field)

For each of these, click only ONE button

Analysis Type: (blastn for submitting DNA sequence and identifying emm subtype, blastp for submitting protein sequence and matching to translated emm database, blastx for submitting DNA sequence for comparison to translated emm database).


Number of Matches and Alignments included in the output:

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