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Adele Houghton, AIA, LEED® AP

Principal, Adele Houghton Consulting

Austin, TX 78705


Adele Houghton, AIA, LEED® AP, is principal of Adele Houghton Consulting, a sustainability consulting company specializing in solutions for the design and construction industry, developers, non-profits and government agencies committed to integrating health and environmental concerns into building, planning, and policy. From 2005 to 2008, Adele served as Project Manager and Pilot Project Coordinator of the Green Guide for Health Care, a voluntary, best practices building toolkit tailored to the health care environment. Adele directed several major revisions to the Green Guide's Construction and Operations sections, in addition to developing and coordinating the Green Guide's well-received education program. Adele also ran the marketing, publicity, and administrative elements of the program and led research projects associated with the Green Guide, such as the GGHC Pilot Report, published in 2007. Prior to joining the Green Guide, Adele acted as an in-house green building consultant for Kirksey, a leading architecture firm in Houston, Texas.


Adele is a licensed Architect in the State of Texas; a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA); a member of the Austin, TX, Chapter of the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE); chair of the 2008 Gulf Coast Green conference (hosted by AIA Houston COTE); and, a member of the Balcones Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council.


Leadership Development Opportunities

The personal and professional opportunities provided by the EPHLI fellowship have enabled a shift in my career's focus that would not have been possible without my participation in the program.


Professionally, I am trained as an Architect and have devoted my career thus far to the pursuit of sustainable design and policy development. I was accepted into the EPHLI program due to my previous organization's (Green Guide for Health Care) focus on environmental health as the foundation for a green building best practices toolkit tailored to the health care industry. I entered the program interested in learning about environmental health in a more structured environment than the Green Guide for Health Care. Through the fellowship curriculum and conversations with other fellows, I realized that both the green building sector and the public health sector would benefit from closer collaboration. My project is a first step in this direction, fostering collaboration between the Austin Climate Protection Program and the Austin/Travis County Department of Health and Human Services with significant assistance from the CDC Climate Protection Program. My position as an EPHLI fellow has made this project possible. It is my hope that it will act as a pilot that will be replicated by other Climate Protection Programs across the country. Over the past few months, this fellowship has transformed into a launchpad for beginning a grassroots effort to connect local, county, and state environmental health professionals with sustainability initiatives in the regions. A core group of energetic and motivated environmental health professionals from EPHLI Cohort IV and the alumni list-serve are the instigators for this new project, which I am co-leading with John Mcleod of Cohort IV; and, they will be the secret behind its success.


Personally, the Individual Development Plan, the self-evaluations, and my Individual Development coach have facilitated my first structured evaluation of my personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. The Individual Development Plan was particularly useful in establishing a framework for measurable, constructive improvement in areas my coach helped me identify.  I feel certain that I will continue to update and use the Individual Development Plan after the conclusion of the fellowship.