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Kristi L. Campbell, B.S. Geological Sciences

Deputy Section Administrator

Division of Community and Public Health

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Jefferson City, MO 65109


Kristi Campbell is currently the Deputy Administrator of the Section for Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology within the Division of Community and Public Health of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).  In this position, Kristi assists the Section Administrator in the overall operations and leadership of 5 bureaus: Bureau of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention; Bureau of Immunizations Assessment and Assurance; Bureau of HIV/STD/ Hepatitis; Bureau of Environmental Epidemiology; and the Bureau of Environmental Regulations and Licensure, as well as the Office of Veterinary Public Health.  This includes a staff of over 200 in locations throughout Missouri and an annual budget of approximately $58 million.

Previously, Kristi was the Assistant Bureau Chief in the Bureau of Environmental Regulation and Licensure, where she was responsible for coordination of all programmatic activities between the DHSS program coordinators, regional staff and the clients, stakeholders and partners within each region. She also was involved in reviewing and drafting legislation, fiscal notes, budget and grant administration and continuous quality improvement projects.

Kristi has held positions in the DHSS Bureau of Environmental Epidemiology where she was involved with evaluating public health issues related to hazardous substances. She has also previously held positions at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in the Air Pollution Control Program and Environmental Assistance Office. In these positions, Kristi had a great deal of experience in developing administrative rules and assisting local governments.

Kristi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia.


Leadership Development Opportunities

I believe that the Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute has been a great opportunity for me to enhance my leadership skills and become more proactive in the environmental public health field.  As the areas that our organization is required to focus on change, this institute has prepared me to help our organization cope with changes and continue to provide the essential environmental public health services.  This preparation increases our ability to assist the local public health agencies in meeting the changing demands of providing those services.  The institute has helped me develop my strategic planning skills and long term planning skills, which will in turn, benefit our organization and those that we partner with.  Collaborating with the instructors, coaches, my mentor and the other fellows, has expanded my viewpoint on environmental public health issues and solutions.  The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator reports were enlightening and useful during my self-evaluation of my skills and interactions with others.  Collaborating with other fellows, mentors and instructors, with similar problems or successes in their organizations, has been inspirational to me and has encouraged me to seek alternative solutions for issues I face.