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Sheila Davidson Pressley, MS, REHS

Assistant Professor

Eastern Kentucky University



Sheila Davidson Pressley is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Science (EHS) at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) in Richmond, Kentucky. She teaches and advises undergraduate students who are EHS majors as well as those who seek a minor in EHS. She currently teaches the following courses: Diseases, Infections and Hazards of Leisure, Solid and Hazardous Waste, African/African American Health Issues, and Bioterrorism. In addition to teaching, she is also involved with recruiting students and serves on a number of university committees. On the national level, Professor Pressley serves as section chair for the National Environmental Health Association and she is a member of the Association for Environmental Health Academic Programs Board. She has professional experience with environmental health and safety training, mediating public health concerns related to risk assessment, public involvement, and environmental policy analysis. She has also worked on behalf of environmental justice communities in the private, nonprofit and government sectors. In addition to her tenure track position as a professor, Ms. Pressley is doctoral candidate in the University of Kentucky’s College of Public Health in Lexington, Kentucky.


My participation in EPHLI was an intriguing experience for me personally and professionally. The knowledge and insight I gained about myself and the other EPHLI Fellows was wonderful. I learned a lot about others and their leadership styles, but most importantly, I learned about my leadership style and how I can improve my skills as a leader in environmental public health. I truly appreciate the expertise and patience of my mentor and all of the other individuals who provided information or played any role in providing the best leadership opportunity available in public health today.