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Ryan Lowe; B.S., M.P.H.

Regional Environmental Epidemiologist;

Florida Department of Health

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315-2643


Ryan has been employed with the Florida Department of Health since 2002. His public health career began as an Environmental Specialist in Martin County. After 3 years in Martin, he accepted a position with the Bureau of Environmental Public Health Medicine’s Food and Waterborne Disease Program. He has been in his current position since July 2005. Ryan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a Minor in Biology from Kansas State University in May 2002. He earned his Master of Public Health degree in December 2006 and a Graduate Certificate in Disaster Management in May 2007 from the University of South Florida. Ryan has a been a member of the Florida Environmental Health Association since 2002 and has held various positions including Treasure Coast District Awards/Membership Committee member, Treasure Coast District Vice Chairperson, State FEHA Public Relations Committee member, Gold Coast District Secretary/Treasurer, and Gold Coast District Chairperson. Ryan's office is located in Fort Lauderdale and he is responsible for Broward County.


EPHLI provided a hands on-learning experience in which I was able to develop, practice, and enhance some of my leadership skills and abilities. I found the Skillscope Assessment, Changestyle Indicator Assessment, and Individual Development Plan to be some of the most beneficial tools for my personal leadership development this year. They provided me an opportunity to identify and work on my leadership strengths and weaknesses which I needed to push me toward becoming a more effective public health leader. This has opened the door for me to play a more active role in leadership decision making and strategic planning both at the state and local level. The lessons learned throughout the curriculum and leadership project were valuable as they have made me take a different approach to tackling complex issues and dealing with change. I am now sitting back and thinking about the bigger picture related to various problems/ issues that even come up in my day to day work. EPHLI has also been extremely helpful in broadening my network of environmental public health colleagues I will be able to call on for expert advice or assistance.

I would like to thank my mentor, Charles Henry, my leadership group, Kevin Jones, Keith Hunter, and Becky Lazensky, and my personal coach, Geoffrey Downie, for their support and guidance on my individual development plan and leadership project throughout the year. Leadership is a learning process and EPHLI has been a great step in bringing me closer to becoming an effective leader. This year long journey through EPHLI has been a truly rewarding experience and opportunity. I am grateful I was given the chance to participate.