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Rebecca Love; MPH, CHES

Policy Analyst; Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (on leave)

Encinitas, CA 92024


Rebecca Love most recently served as Senior Policy Analyst for the Family Health Administration in the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, where she was responsible for policy and data development, analysis, and decision-making. Her areas of focus included access to care for underserved populations, rural health, public health assessment, and public health policy. Prior to joining FHA in 2006, she worked at the National Environmental Education Foundation as program manager of the Health & Environment programs, which focused on environmental education for health professionals. She has an MPH from George Washington University and a BA from Haverford College, and is presently on leave from FHA to complete a full-time, year-long accelerated BSN program.


Participation in EPHLI has been immensely beneficial in my leadership development, in meeting and developing relationships with leaders in the field of environmental health, and in learning about my strengths and developing a program to address areas in which I would like to improve. The Institute curriculum has been helpful in my professional development by affording me leadership opportunities and the ability to apply leadership skills in a variety of settings. The activities, individual and group mentoring, and in-person workshops provided opportunities for insight into my own development, as well as equipped me with tools and leadership concepts 2009–2010 Fellow Project National Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute

which I have been able to apply in the professional setting. The strategies for identifying priorities and the information imparted on essential environmental public health services have been useful in identifying areas of potential improvement for programs.

I am grateful to CDC and my leadership coach, mentor, and teammates in providing invaluable resources, feedback, and guidance in approaching organizational and health systems thinking from a different perspective. I have already observed how this training has positively impacted my approach to change and to continuous assessment, policy development, and assurance in environmental public health.