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Douglas McVey, REHS, MS

Environmental Health Supervisor

Pender County Health Department

Burgaw, NC



Douglas McVey is the Environmental Health Supervisor for the Pender County (NC) Health Department. Mr. McVey received a BS (1982) in Environmental Science from Eckerd College (St. Petersburg, FL) and a MS (1995) in Environmental Science from Duke University School of the Environment (Durham, NC). Mr. McVey was employed for 15 years at Duke University Medical Center in the Department of Gastroenterology as a Research Analyst. The primary focus of Mr. McVey’s work was looking at the cellular mechanisms of inflammatory bowel disease. During this time, Mr. McVey contributed to 36 peer reviewed journal articles and one book chapter. In 2005, Mr. McVey started his career in Environmental Health as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist for the Madison County (NC) Health Department, becoming a Program Specialist in On-Site Wastewater in 2007. Mr. McVey is currently a member of the International Water Reuse Committee and North Carolina On-Site Wastewater Planning Committee for the annual conference.


Leadership Development Opportunities

I am forever indebted to all of the EPHLI staff, coaches, mentors and especially the vision of John Sarisky for a life changing experience. The organization of Sarah Wiener throughout the year was invaluable. Being an EPHLI fellow this past year has been one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of my entire professional career. It is difficult to put into words or describe the invaluable introspective analysis that was certainly eye opening and educational. Not only was I able to understand my own strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize each, I was given the ability and confidence to be a leader in this most valuable profession. The Individual Development Plan, SKILLSCOPE 360, MBTI, and Change Style Indicator were all instrumental in helping me better understand myself and become comfortable with the person I aspire to be as I progress in my career. Michael Goodman’s perspective on the conceptual approaches of Systems Thinking was greatly appreciated and will forever be a part of my thinking and problem solving process. Throughout the year, my coach (Cynthia Lamberth) and my mentor (Matt Johnson) were influential in my development as a leader and person. Monthly conversations with Team Bithlo were not only looked forward to, but inspirational. My personal conversations with team member Dennis DiCintio were both educational and enlightening. All of you were instrumental in helping me get my project in order so that I now can move forward on something that I truly believe in. But, the most exciting aspect of this program was meeting the current and future leaders of Environmental Health. The intelligence, enthusiasm and professionalism displayed throughout the year were impressive and contagious. The opportunity to interact with such a group of honest and dedicated professionals was extremely inspirational. I know that I have 19 resources to lean on for advice. Personally, I would like to show my appreciation to Ms. Carolyn Moser for introducing me to EPHLI and for believing in me, Dr. Mike Hoover for including me in trying to “crack the DWR nut” and most importantly my leader, Alice, for being patient and putting up with me.