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Adeline Hambley, REHS, MBA

On-site Supervisor

Ottawa County Health Department

Holland, MI 49424


Adeline Hambley was recently made Environmental Health Manager with the Ottawa

County Health Department in Southwest Michigan. In this position she oversees Onsite Services, Food Services, and Hazardous Waste/Resource Recovery. Upon entering the EPHLI, she served as the Onsite Supervisor at the Ottawa County Health Department. As supervisor she oversaw the onsite sewage disposal program, water well program, public swimming pools, campgrounds, and various other programs.


In 2009 Adeline was presented with the David H. MacMullen Young Professional of the Year Award which is given for outstanding accomplishments in the environmental health profession within the first five years of employment. Beyond her duties at Ottawa County, Adeline currently serves as Secretary of Michigan Environmental Health Association (MEHA) board. When the term ends in March, she will be running for the position of President-Elect of the Association.


Leadership Development Opportunities

Being a part of the Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute has been an amazing growth experience. The Institute has provided the skills necessary to become a great leader in Environmental Health. By discussing what makes a great leader as well as systems thinking, the program provides a comprehensive approach to effectively creating change. It allows the fellow to recognize weaknesses in himself as well as in the systems in which he operates, and provides the tools necessary to improve.


I feel this program has allowed me to grow in remarkable ways, and the amount of personal growth that takes place over a year is astounding. The skills taught to be a better leader, to understand and utilize systems thinking, and the professional friendships made, have all come together to make me a much more effective change agent. I am excited at the possibilities ahead, and cannot thank the Institute enough for the opportunity to participate.