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Darrel J. Graziani, P.E., R.S., B.S. Chemical Engineering

Environmental Administrator

Palm Beach County Health Department

West Palm Beach, FL33401


Darrel Graziani is currently employed by the Palm Beach County Health Department in West Palm Beach, Florida as the Environmental Administrator over the Division of Environmental Public Health’s Water Programs. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida in Tampa and is a registered professional engineer in Florida, North Carolina and Maryland. He is also a Registered Sanitarian and a Certified Environmental Health Professional in Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal. He has more then 25 years of professional work experience as an engineer and project manager with experience in the regulatory, consulting, industrial and governmental sectors. He currently supervises 30 engineers, scientists and administrative personnel with overall responsible for the drinking water program, onsite sewage treatment program, domestic wastewater program, swimming pool program, and the well surveillance program. Prior to his current position, he was employed with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Southeast District Office as the District Air Program Administrator.


Leadership Development Opportunities

The CDC EPHLI program has been one of the most unique experiences in my 25 year career and far exceeded my expectations. The CDC’s funding was greatly appreciated since it opened up the opportunity to our Department when money for such opportunities is just not available. The EPHLI faculty was extremely professional and helpful through the entire process and deserving of a true “Thank You” for all their efforts.


I found that the class selection criteria produced a group of individuals from all areas of Environmental Health with very unique perspectives of what needs to be done and how to get it done. I believe the diversity of this group was fantastic.


I found use of mentors, coaches and teams a great approach since it allowed guidance throughout the process with input from all three. It was a great demonstration of networking that leads to collaboration. The fact that the mentors had also completed the program added credibility to their comments and direction.


I found the individual development plan process unique in that it gave a chance to look internally and see what one needed to do and plan on how to get it done. At first it seemed outside the scope of my “project” as well as the scope of leadership training but as it turned out, surprisingly so, it was excellent lesson in leadership planning.