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Kevin Chao, PhD, MPH

Lead, Emergency Response Unit

California Department of Public Health

Richmond, CA 94804


Kevin Chao is a well trained scientist and got his Ph.D. in chemistry from Yale University, and was working in an oil company (Shell Oil), an Engineering and Construction Company (M.W. Kellogg), and served as a vice president for a chemical manufacturing company (Southeast Soda Manufacturing Co. Ltd.). He also taught in colleges for a short period of time before venturing into the public health arena which he loves it very much. He helps California public health systems respond to emergencies which may impact 38 million Californians.


He is very enthusiastic about public affairs, and likes to debate with colleagues on public policies. He would like to see all people would be helped if possible and treated equally regardless of race, age, social status and any other differentiators. He would like to protect the public from the environmental hazards which existed everywhere since the industrial revolution 100 plus years ago. He is also interested in Environmental justice for all.


He would like to have more opportunities to contribute his best to the goals listed above. He is energetic and is willing to learn new things. He likes brain teasing games, and exercises like basketball, hiking, running, and fishing.


Leadership Development Opportunities

EPHLI Program and curriculum has assisted me to understand the problems we faced from the environmental point of view, and find the real cause through the system thinking methodology: It is the over-consumption by the population, and consumers are the keys to slowdown the tide. EPHLI program also has the personal development program and provides coaches and mentor and many web-based courses on conflict management. This part has changed me drastically, and I realized I hold the keys to resolve any conflicts. The “me”(I could understand where others are coming from and how they feel) “me” (I will take other’s feeling and point of views into the consideration in any decision making processes)”me”. I will give others ample opportunities to express themselves) approach is the key to resolve any conflicts that are bound to happen between two or more humans together.