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Christine Applewhite; BA, RS

Environmental Sanitarian II

Connecticut Department of Public Health

Hartford, CT 06134


Christine Applewhite began her career as a Microbiologist for various pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms conducting drug research before discovering a career within the public sector. Her public service began at the federal level, working for the United States Department of Agriculture at Plum Island, performing tests to diagnose foreign animal diseases. Ms. Applewhite then moved to state service, procuring a position within the Connecticut Department of Public Health Reference Culture and STD Laboratories as a Microbiologist. During her tenure at the laboratory, Ms. Applewhite attended culinary school as a hobby and subsequently was hired part-time at a local health department to help conduct routine foodservice establishment inspections. This unique mix of microbiology, culinary experience, and public health influence paved the way for a career in food safety. Ms. Applewhite moved to the local sector in 2003 and began working full-time as a Certified Food Inspector until 2008 when she returned to state service for her current position within the Connecticut Department of Public Health Food Protection Program as an Environmental Sanitarian II.


Ms. Applewhite holds a Bachelor or Arts degree in Biology from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington and is licensed as a Registered Sanitarian in Connecticut. She is a member of the Connecticut Environmental Health Association as well as the National Environmental Health Association and volunteers her time for the Humane Society of the United States National Disaster Animal Response Team.


Leadership Development Opportunities

Reflecting back on my involvement with the EPHLI program, I am amazed at all I have learned over the past year as well as the contacts made through my cohort fellows. One of the most beneficial aspects of the program for me was learning who I am as an employee, how I deal with conflict and change, and how I typically view problems and issues within the workplace. Learning the systems thinking approach and understanding myself, I now possess the capability to look at an issue and see “the big picture”, solicit ideas and suggestions to create change, and utilize creative tension to help solve the problem instead of creating a larger conflict. It was refreshing to learn through my cohort fellows that the problems faced in Connecticut are not unique. Our problems are the same as those that are being seen nationally and having an avenue such as EPHLI to bring environmental professionals together in one place to discuss these issues was an experience I am proud and thrilled to have been a part of! Thank you so much to my team, mentor, coach, and the EPHLI staff as well as the CDC for providing me this fantastic opportunity.