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David Jones


Kentucky Department of Public Health

Frankfort, KY 40601


David Jones is a 1997 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Resources and a minor in Environmental Health. He spent 1 year as a lead inspector and then attended University of Alabama Birmingham where he received a Master of Public Health with a core of Environmental Health.


After graduation, he worked as a consultant out of Louisville, Kentucky. At this position he wore a variety of hats from industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety and environmental management. He then began his public health work as an epidemiologist in maternal and child health. After his contract ended, he came on full time as a state employee working in the Division of Public Health Protection and Safety as an epidemiologist. At this position he worked on many environmental health issues, from bioterrorism to mercury spills to disease outbreaks.


Presently, he works as an epidemiologist with the Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning with zoonotic disease and other reportable diseases.

What I Learned at EPHLI

The institute has been very rewarding and insightful. It has helped to further my leadership abilities and expand my perceptions. The tools made available were invaluable, i.e. the systems thinking, CSI and MBTI and the institute gave a unique opportunity to communicate/build relationships with other states and the CDC. Through all of my education and work experience, this opportunity has been very unique and has bridged the gap from practitioner to leadership. This program is highly recommended for building capacity and the future leadership of EH. The program will definitely strengthen EH and I look forward to the impact the next group of fellows will have on this country. As Connie Mendel stated, thanks to all who have provided a greater insight to our project and allowed us to tackle critical aspects of meth impact on Kentucky.