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Dwain Butler

District Director of Environmental Health

Southeast Health District

Waycross, GA 31501


Dwain Butler is the Director of Environmental Health for the Southeast Health District, Waycross, Georgia. He holds a bachelors degree from Georgia State University in Geography with a concentration in Environmental Studies. His career in public health began in 1994 as an Environmental Health Specialist for the Wayne County Health Department.


Throughout his twelve years with the Southeast Health Unit, Dwain’s has worked for four different Boards of Health before being promoted to the district office as Director in 2002. Mr. Butler is a member of the Georgia Environmental Health Association, Georgia On-Site Waste Water Association, a Board of Director Member of the Manor Water Association, and a Board of Director Member of the Jeff Davis Environmental Comprehensive Training Center.

What I Learned at EPHLI

Setting individual development goals is not an easy task. According to the very first interpretive report (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) I am supposed to an ISTP (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving). Although the institute has taught me a lot, I do not feel as though my type indicator has changed. I realize that the intent of the institute was not to change me, but for me, as a leader, to learn myself. To realize my strongest skills, and to recognize what I can contribute to a team in order to achieve a goal. Recognition of weaknesses can also be an eye opening experience. Challenges were given to me in an area that I thought I was already an expert. At times, this can be humbling.


The EPHLI has given me the insight that it is never too late to learn something new or, how to do something a new way. The visionary skills and the problem solving skills incorporated in the curriculum are becoming evident in my thought processes on the job. I have completed some of the goals I personally set in my Individual Development Plan, and I am making a conscientious effort to complete the remaining ones. After reflecting back on the past year that I have spent in the EPHLI, I can honestly say that it was a rewarding experience.