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Janet D. Williams, B.S.

Division Director

Saint Louis County Department of Health

Clayton, MO 63105


Janet D. Williams is currently employed as the Director, Division of Environmental Protection for the Saint Louis County Department of Health. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry/Biology from the University of Missouri Kansas City and is working towards completing her Masters degree.


Ms. Williams started her career as a field inspector in Kansas City and has worked in environmental public health for more than twenty years, working at local and state public health agencies. She holds memberships in a number of professional organizations including the National Environmental Health Association, Missouri Milk Food and Environmental Association, American Public Health Association and others. She was named Sanitarian of the Year, and has served as president of the Missouri Society of Professional Sanitarians (prior name). 


She has been recognized for her achievements in public health and has been a speaker at several conferences including the annual NEHA educational conference.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Wow, what a whirlwind time……… My involvement in this project has assisted me in developing new skills and refining existing ones. I finally have a name for the thought process I’ve always used in decision making (it’s called systems thinking). The opportunity to learn more about the why’s of what we do and the how to do it better can only make me a better professional. And if I’m better at what I do, the impact upon the organization will be better. I know there are others like me who believe there are no boundaries for environmental public health and are as passoniate about excellence as I am.


While this process has been time consuming it has refreshed me. I know more about the work going on nationally to improve the conditions we all fret about i.e workforce development, staffing, resources, our value in the field, etc. and am reinvigorated to continue to do all I can to make a difference in environmental public health. 


The other value I have from this training is the opportunity to meet all the other wonderful and talented professionals from across the United States. The friendships and relationships that have been developed gives me the opportunity to expand my horizions and have at hand a ready cache of “fellows” on which to bounce my many ideas upon. I have learned a lot about my style of learning and managing and believe I am now more emotionally aware of the impact I have on others, both personally and professionally.


All in all participation in this project has made me a better person and a better manager.