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Bryant J. Wilke, R.S.


Environmental Health Services

Saginaw County Department of Public Health

Saginaw, MI 48602


Bryant Wilke received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Health from Ferris State University and a graduate certificate in Hazardous Materials Management from Wayne State University. Currently, Bryant is the Environmental Health Services Director for the Saginaw County Department of Public Health, Saginaw, Michigan. He is one of seven division directors within this health organization. 


The division serves the community through many traditional environmental health programs such as food service protection, onsite wastewater, onsite water supply, nuisance complaints, and swimming pool operations. Non-traditional programs include solid waste compliance and hazardous materials collection programs, lead poisoning surveillance, and lead abatement. In addition to 19 years of experience working in the public health sector, Bryant has 3 years of full-time environmental health consulting experience.   

Leadership Development Opportunities

First, I would be remiss if I fail to thank Misti Frenzke for nominating me to the institute and for my department's support of my professional and personal growth. Participating in the institute is, so far, a capstone in my career. 


As I stated in my application to the institute "I can only imagine that this experience would be life long."  I really did not know how right I was at the time, but I can testify today how correct my prediction was.  The leadership institute is exactly what the environmental public health profession has needed.  As professionals, our technical expertise is unwavering; however, leadership in environmental public health oftentimes is lacking. The Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute has helped fine-tune qualities that enhance our professional leadership skills. The institute has brought together experts with a willingness to share their leadership knowledge with participants. It has been difficult to select one aspect of the program that stands out as being the core or essential feature of the program. The Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute not only developed leadership skills, but concentrated on environmental public health leadership skills. I have been thinking about the past year, the travelling adventures, class time, presentations and the whole concept of providing me with leadership tools that I will undoubtedly use the rest of my life. I feel very thankful to all those that made arrangements, presented and supported the program.   


Finally, I was a little reluctant about the mentoring process initially and I contribute this reluctance to the lack of exposure of having to share ideas and thoughts on my personal/professional development. Brian Hubbard with CDC was my team mentor, and I must say, he is a wonderful individual to work with. You know learning to accept criticism can be hard but Brian is able to deliver feedback in a way that allows you to grow professionally and accept his input without being personally offended. Brian always went the extra mile to assist us by providing information to no end. I have learned that the mentoring process can be very rewarding and found it to be a truly great experience. As for the rest of the faculty and mentors my cohorts have expressed the exact same sentiments. Thank You for this great experience!