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Matthew T. Rhodes, B.S., R.S.

Environmental Health Administrator

Louisville Metro Health Department

Louisville, KY 40202


Matt Rhodes currently serves as Environmental Health Administrator for the Louisville Metro Health Department.  He began his public health career in September 1996 by joining the Jefferson County Health Department.  He completed field work in the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, the Haz Mat Program, and the Food Hygiene Program.  Serving in a supervisory capacity since December 2002, Matt has overseen operations in Public Facilities and On-Site Sewage as well as Food Hygiene.  He is now responsible for oversight of a multimillion dollar budget and the division’s 50 employees that perform traditional environmental health programs including inspections for approximately 5000 permitted facilities.


Matt remains active in his state and national professional associations and is currently serving as President for the Kentucky Association of Milk, Food, and Environmental Sanitarians (KAMFES). 


Born and reared in Griffin, Georgia, Matt moved to Kentucky to pursue his B.S. in Public Health from Cumberland College in Williamsburg. 

Leadership Development Opportunities

Return on investment gained though this institute will be invaluable.  The personal growth afforded me is greatly appreciated, but I expect to return the greatest benefit to my organization.  I take a renewed energy for the environmental health profession back to work.  Countless employees will be impacted by the processes learned and new methods employed.  Resolving issues through the systems thinking approach has already begun to pay dividends for the Division.  This challenge has made me realize the need for continued professional growth.  Consequently, I plan to begin an MPH program this fall.


It is reassuring for the local environmental health practitioner to experience firsthand the national network that supports our profession.  Creating contacts with CDC representatives and other professionals increased the learning opportunities.  I have been impressed with the professional caliber from the institute participants.  Meeting and exchanging ideas with the national leaders in environmental public health has provided me with many valuable leadership skills and contacts that I will rely on when addressing future concerns.