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Jennifer L. Pinnow, REHS/RS

Assistant Environmental Health Director

Yellowstone City-County Health Department

Billings, Montana, 59107


Jennifer Pinnow has been a Registered Sanitarian with the Yellowstone City-County Health Department since 1992 and holds a Registered Environmental Health Specialist credential from the National Environmental Health Association.  She has served as Assistant Environmental Health Director since 2000.  Ms. Pinnow is a certified instructor with the National Restaurant Association's Educational Foundation ServSafe Program, a National Environmental Health Association Certified Food Safety Professional, and a Certified Pool Operator.  Her current duties include workforce and program development, coordinating industry and staff trainings in the areas food service and children's environmental health, and general oversight of the food service program. 


She was responsible for the 2003 Yellowstone County Environmental Health Needs Assessment, and the subsequent formation of the Yellowstone County Food Safety Advisory Group which solicits broad spectrum input as to specific local concerns as they related to food safety in Yellowstone County. 


Ms. Pinnow was recently awarded the 2006 William G. Walter Outstanding Sanitarian Award from the Montana Environmental Health Association.  

Leadership Development Opportunities

Participation in the Institute provided a platform to develop ideas and provided credibility and support for these initiatives.  By encouraging me to engage an executive sponsor to provide feedback for my project, the Institute presented me with the opportunity to network with our department's upper adminsitration.  This increased my confidence in presenting new ideas and solutions to long-standing problems. 


The time we spent in self-reflection was very enlightening.  The self-assesment tools and use of a personal coach provided by the Institute not only gave me the opportunity to understand myself better, but additionally provided examples and suggestions for implementing long-term change.  Not only did I learn from the curriculum, self-study, instructors, my wonderful mentor and supportive team, but also from other fellows, and ultimately myself.


Special thanks to the Yellowstone City-County Health Department, it's administration and my program director for not only nominating me for the Insitute, but also for giving me the time and support needed to get the most out of this wonderful experience.  I will continue to use the systems thinking methods and problem solving abilities I've gained from the Institute to research, develop, and implement innovative solutions to environmental health problems.  I'd also like to thank the many agencies involved in supporting and administering the Institute for their commitment to education and developing future leaders in environmental public health.