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Tracee Mayfield, R.S.

Health & Environmental Investigator II

Local Hazardous Waste Management Program

Public Health - Seattle & King County

Seattle, WA 98104-4039


Tracee Mayfield gained both a United States Army commission and an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington where he studied environmental health under Chuck Treser. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health in Policy Analysis with the Kirksville School of Osteopathic Medicine.


He currently works on policy development, integrating the Precautionary Principle into local policy operations with the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program, in the Environmental Health Division at Public Health - Seattle & King County (PHSKC).

Leadership Development Opportunities

My perception of the endeavor of public health has been irrevocably changed. Before attending the program, public health was to me an odd collection of local services, continuously struggling to adapt in response to unforeseen and newly manifested changes in community health problems.  Chronically, community resources seemed too meager to invest into long term, source mitigating solutions.


I still see the presence of formidable environmental problems; but now these problems are at a global scale to me.  Public health is a large team (but also a small family), pooling resources, experiences and knowledge together in a collaborative manner which echo's the children story of stone soup. 


The Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute has given me not only the tools with which to work but also the ability to bring others into the effort of addressing public health problems.