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Brian C. Hobbs, RS, EHS

Environmental Health Sanitarian

Polk County Health Department

Balsam Lake WI 54810


Brian Hobbs, RS, is originally from a small town in west central Wisconsin. He spent eight years working on the city police force in LaCrosse, WI. While working second shift, he completed his bachelor of science with a major in microbiology and a minor in business from the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse. He spent eight years doing housing inspection and valuation as a Property Assessor II and worked part-time with the LaCrosse County health department in their vector control program for ten years.


In 2001 he took a position in Polk County, WI as an Environmental Health Sanitarian. He developed the county environmental program to include "Agent Status" with the State of Wisconsin and DNR to do licensing and inspection of food, lodging, and transient wells.


He currently holds certifications as a Lead Risk Assessor, NEHA Radon Proficiency, National Certified Pool Operator, ServSafe Food Safety Instructor, and Rabies Individual Observer DATCP.

Leadership Development Opportunities

What a fulfilling year this has been. Each day that I spent at EPHLI training brought new concepts that at first seemed vague and foreign, but as I put them to practical use they began to come into focus. Systems Thinking made me analyze my thought processes. I could see how my patterns of response to problems was exactly as explained in class. I was part of the problem by not looking at the big picture and only putting out the fires on a daily basis.


Throughout the last year I often found myself questioning my reactions not only at work but at home as well.  How many of my daily duties were causing "backfires" that seemed to make more work at a later date? I have spent my time with EPHLI trying to increase my confidence to be a good leader; instead, I have more misgivings and doubts then ever. Maybe these are good leadership traits as well. I may forget much of this wonderful experience someday, but I think that somewhere deep inside an impression has been made that will forever change the way I look at myself and others. I am very lucky to have shared such a rewarding experience with my fellow graduates.