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Melanie J. Rodriguez, MPH

San Antonio Metropolitan Health District

Brooks City-Base, TX 78235



Melanie J. Rodriguez has served as the Epidemiology Program Manager for the Public Center for Environmental Health at the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District in San Antonio, Texas since 2002. The Center was established through a cooperative agreement between the City of San Antonio and the United States Air Force to investigate health impacts from potential exposure to environmental contaminants released from the former Kelly Air Force Base. She is responsible for analyzing health data, developing and managing research projects, and providing technical assistance to staff and the community.


Following completion of her graduate studies in 2001, Melanie was awarded a fellowship by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. As an epidemiology fellow, she began her career in environmental public health at the Air Force Institute for Operational Health at Brooks Air Force Base, Texas performing surveillance of influenza and deployment health hazards.


Melanie received her Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Texas A&M University System Health Science Center School of Rural Public Health. She was recently elected a member of Delta Omega, the national public health honor society.

Leadership Development Opportunities

My participation in the Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute has been a very rewarding and informative experience, the lessons of which I will repeatedly draw upon and apply during my career in environmental health. As I have no formal training in environmental health, learning specifically about the national program goals for environmental health and the essential environmental health services was very helpful. The self-assessments were especially revealing, as I learned not only what my strengths and weaknesses are, but how to use each to the best advantage. The greatest benefit of the program was the introduction to organizational learning and systems thinking I received. These skills will allow me to more effectively respond to the environmental health problems in my community.


Thanks to all the EPHLI staff, instructors, coaches, and mentors for sharing their knowledge, experiences, and insights. Thanks also to the 2008 EPHLI fellows. I’ve learned that San Antonio’s environmental health issues are not merely local challenges, but national ones. I would like to give special thanks to my mentor, Martin Kalis, who gave generously of his time guiding me as I developed my project, and to my personal development coach, David Steffen, who spent hours with me discussing my MBTI and Skillscope360 to refine my Individual Development Plan. Their assistance and encouragement is greatly appreciated.