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The current relationship between Wicomico County Health Department and the local food service facilities continues to improve. Historically, the agency has had communication issues that emerged from previous employees. This created accidental adversaries and increased the risk to Wicomico County’s food safety. The goal of this project is to develop a model that will be used to increase food safety by raising the public’s awareness of facility inspection results as well as helping facility owners understand their role in food protection. In order to address the public’s desire to view restaurant inspections, the Department will develop an information sharing system that will allow the public to view inspections results of food service facilities. This system will only be successful with the support and assistance from the facility owners. Making inspection results available to the public will motivate the food facility owners to begin a self regulating process: the facilities will be inclined to prevent future violations and increase their food safety awareness. Research has shown that similar programs can actually increase an establishment’s revenue. By linking the public to this now-inaccessible information, this information system will bridge the gap between the Department, the public, and the facility owners. The resources needed for this project are available and more than adequate; now is the time to begin discussing this proposal with our stakeholders. The Department will also change its inspection process to a more risk-based assessment, similar to the approach taken in the FDA’s Food Code. These inspections will no longer focus on the typical floors, walls, and ceilings. Instead, inspectors will work with each facility to develop hazard analysis and critical control point plans (HACCP’s). These plans will identify the critical control points in the facility’s food preparation process. A town hall meeting will be used to expose facility owners to this new inspection. Inspectors will be available to assist the facilities in the development of their plans. The Department will also offer on the spot training to facility staff that is directly involved in the food preparation processes. This program will enhance the Department’s ability to protect and promote public health by producing a 25% decrease in critical violations, thereby reducing the risk to Wicomico County’s food safety. Note: These documents have not been revised or edited to conform to agency standards. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.