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David Overfield

Orange County Health Department

Orlando FL 32808



David Overfield has been employed by the Orange County Health Department since 1999. His current position is that of Environmental Administrator. His current duties include the management of the Orange County Health Department’s office of Environmental Health. David served as a Corpsman for the United States Navy, received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Central Florida and was most recently selected to attend the 2007 Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute. Some of his most recent accomplishments include the establishment of County fees for Environmental Health, participation on Orange County’s Meth Lab Taskforce, management of the 2006 Incident Command Center for the Apopka mouse invasion and participation on the Orange County Climate Change Summit.

Leadership Development Opportunities

What a wonderful experience. When I applied to the Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute, I assumed they would help me examine one of the problems I am working on for my County Health Department. I never dreamed how much they would teach me about myself or the tools they would give me to solve many of my department’s challenges, truly teaching a man to fish. I learned about my personality, my leadership style, problem solving, leverage, systems thinking, negotiation and had the privilege of meeting and networking with Public Health professionals from all over the United States. This opportunity afforded me the ability to learn how things are done else where as well as share my challenges and successes with other health minded individuals. I was incredibly fortunate to be paired with Trevor, Liz, Keith and our Mentor Sarah. Without their input, guidance and support, this project and my growth as a Leader and Health Professional would not have been possible. I wish to thank my team, mentor, coach, the staff of EPHLI, instructors, Cohort III and the CDC making this experience possible.