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Cory Frank, BA

Iowa Department of Public Health

Des Moines, Iowa 50125


Education: Graduated from Wartburg College in May 1991 with a B.A. in Biology


Work Experience: Began employment as a Community Health Consultant and Environmental Health Emergency Response Coordinator with the Iowa Department of Public Health in December 2004.  Cory’s role also is as the coordinator of the State of Iowa’s EHRT (Environmental Health Emergency Response Team).  Cory led a team of 6 EH professionals through an EMAC request to Louisiana in the wake of hurricane Katrina.   In addition to coordinating the IA-EHRT within the Iowa Department of Public Health, Cory is a member of the State of Iowa Type 3 Incident Management Team.  Cory was appointed in May, 2002 as the Director of Environmental Health for Warren County, Iowa where he oversaw, and initiated programs to better the environment and public health for all citizens of Warren County.  Prior to his employment as a county Environmental Health Specialist, he spent his prior career, working within the research and development field as a clinical microbiologist and bacteriologist.  Cory is also a member of the third cohort of the EPHLI (Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute).  Cory, and IA-EHRT, is working to expand and educate colleagues and citizens, about the role environmental public health professionals play as essential components during emergency response activities.


Leadership Development Opportunities

The opportunity to participate in the third cohort of the EPHLI has been a privilege and welcomed enhancement of my work and personal life.  I have appreciated the focus on moving away from traditional problem solving methods to a systematic approach to environmental public health problems.  The interaction with my colleagues was invaluable to my experience within the institute.  The self assessments and development of an individual development plan has taught me invaluable insights into my work and personal life.  Self awareness is a struggle that using the techniques and education I gained has and will promote my abilities within the environmental public health profession and my personal life.  Thank you to all the staff, faculty, and my colleagues who have helped me on this journey this past year.  I would like to personally thank my mentor for not only providing me professional support during this process, but understanding, insight, and inspiration to inspire to greater value.