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Margaret Blood, R.E.H.S.

Program Administrator,

Environmental Health Specialist Registration Program

California Department of Public Health

Sacramento, CA 95899-7377


Margaret Blood, REHS is the program administrator for the California Environmental Health Specialist Registration Program. She works closely with the California Environmental Health Association; California Conference of the Directors of Environmental Health and California Universities to promote the environmental health profession. She worked with a variety of individuals and groups for the adoption of continuing education regulations in California, which became law in this fall 2009. She received her Bachelor’s degree in biology from Sonoma State University and completed additional coursework in environmental health at San Jose State University. Before her current assignment, Margaret worked in Los Angeles and the rural Californian counties of Calaveras and Amador delivering environmental health services for 18 years, with a concentration on solid waste disposal, food safety and drinking water. Her vision for the REHS program is excellence throughout the environmental health workforce by increasing the value and recognition of the REHS credential by the California’s citizens and policy makers.


Leadership Development Opportunities

The environmental Public Health Leadership Institute has challenged my assumptions and confirmed my suspicions. The systems thinking and logic modeling required me to research the underlying motives and influences at play in public service administration. The personal reflection, has provided me with insight about myself as well as a deeper understanding of others. I have used these new skills in the office to build a confident and flexible team. I have met fascinating people from all over the United States and am refreshed by the complexity and diversity of the fellows. I am grateful for this unparalleled opportunity and intent to continue to build on the framework EPHLI has given me to advocate for the environmental health profession.