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Edwin L. Sims, P.E.

Director, Bureau of Sanitary Engineering/

Principal Public Health Engineer;

Orange County Department of Health

Goshen, NY 10924


Ed Sims has worked for the Orange County Dept. of Health in Goshen, NY since April 1988, starting out as a Public Health Engineer. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Clarkson University in May 1984. Mr. Sims obtained his Professional Engineer’s license in New York in August 1991. He was promoted to a Senior Public Health Engineer later in 1991. He obtained his current position, as Director- Bureau of Sanitary Engineering/Principal Public Health Engineer, upon the retirement of Kenneth J. Mundy, P.E. in late 2002. Ed’s immediate supervisor, Matthias J. Schleifer, P.E., has been very supportive of his efforts to obtain a greater understanding of his role with the County Health Dept. 

Leadership Development Opportunities

The self reflection has created a great desire to go beyond the normal call of duty. The curriculum presented, in addition to individual & future team development have been inspirational. The work of others has also generated a significant desire to achieve a level that was not previously considered realistic.