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Peggy Keller, MPH

Chief, Bureau of Community Hygiene

District of Columbia Department of Health

Washington, DC  20002 


Keller is the Chief of the Bureau of Community hygiene and oversees the Environmental Public health Program in the District including, Food Safety, Rodent and Vector Control and Animal Disease Prevention, including the operations of the animal shelter.  Keller also oversees the West Nile virus and rabies surveillance.


The West Nile virus Plan that Keller developed has been used as a model plan and template across the country for utilizing larvide instead of adulticides to reduce pesticides in the environment.


Leadership Development Opportunities

I can never adequately express my appreciation for the opportunity to participate in the EPHLI program.  I learned much about my self and increased my managerial and leadership skills.  Because I was so excited about the enormous benefits that program offered, I began a Professional Development Team at the Department of Health.    Each month there are two meetings.  One meeting features a speaker that talks about his experience as a manger and a leader.  The other meeting is a working meeting to undertake some of the hard work in becoming a good leader.  The participation has grown from just a few to over 40 people in the last meeting.   Information about the group was featured in the last All Hands on Deck Meeting with all DOH staff.  The excitement has been amazing and I feel strongly about sharing the skills that I have learned.


My Mentor and my Teammates are the best.  I have made some life long friends and will never forget the wonderful support and encouragement from our team.  My coach, David Steffen, was supportive, informative and a true delight.  I really enjoyed his life story and commitment to environmental public health.


I can never thank the support team at the Heartland Center enough.  They are always helpful caring and with dedication to excellence in promoting leadeship.