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Phillip Adams, BSc., Ph.D.

Chemistry Bureau Chief, Scientific Laboratory Division (SLD)

New Mexico Department of Health

Albuquerque, NM 87106


Dr. Phillip Adams has been the manager of the chemistry bureau at the New Mexico state public health laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 2003. The laboratory is a division within the New Mexico Department of Health. The main clients of the laboratory include the various city, county, state and federal agencies that submit environmental and clinical chemical samples to the laboratory for testing, but our major client is the New Mexico Environment Department. Results provided by the lab contribute to other environmental public health programs, both inside and outside New Mexico.


Prior to this, Dr. Adams worked for some 20 years as a research polymer chemist in both academia and industry, mostly in the UK. He is a chemistry graduate from Reading University in the UK and has a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry from South Bank University in London, UK. Much of his research work has been published in academic papers and patents over the past 20 years. He moved to the USA in 1999. Working in the environmental health field is quite different from applied scientific research, but many of the skills learned in one field are applicable to the other.


Leadership Development Opportunities

I have enjoyed the past year of leadership development, and the many new concepts that were presented. Everything, from the 360s skill scope report through the systems thinking assignments, working on the project, the 10 essential public health services, and the other leadership concepts have proved relevant and applicable in my job this year. I think this has made me more effective as a manager by adhering to the goals set out in the personal development plan, and applying systems thinking concepts to everyday operations in the work environment. It's also been helpful to meet with the other students and mentors on this course and see the work they do, being representative of the many areas covered by environmental public health.