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Michael A. Russell, MS, MEP

Program Manager, Public Health Division, Portland, ME

Portland, ME 04101

Mike Russell is the Program Manager for Environmental Health & Safety at the Public Health Division in Portland, Maine. He has been with the Public Health Division for six years and previously worked as Project Manager in the private sector. In addition to Environmental Health, he also covers public health preparedness. Mike has a Master of Science in Health Policy and Management and is also certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a Master Exercise Practitioner for public health disasters. Mike enjoys many activities. He spends as much time outside as possible by downhill skiing, hiking, camping and mountain biking. When inside, he practices Aikido at a local dojo, reads voraciously, takes art classes at a local college and regularly applies the principles of physics and geometry to spherical objects in the game of billiards.


My experience with the Environmental Public Health Institute has been very rewarding and educational. As the first Fellow from Maine, I have particularly appreciated the networking opportunities with other environmental public health professionals from such diverse backgrounds. It is nice to know that I’m not alone in my environmental health programmatic struggles to make our world a better and healthier place. I look forward to supporting each other as alumni. The Individual Development Plan and the 1:1 mentoring opportunity were very helpful for providing professional development insights and strategies. I am very appreciative for this experience and thank all of you who have made it possible.