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Ryan Zastrow; REHS

Union County Environmental Health

The Center for Human Development

La Grande, OR 97850


Ryan Zastrow is an Environmental Health Specialist with the Center for Human Development’s Environmental Health Department in La Grande Oregon. He is the only employee in the department and has been with this program for 3 years. In addition to the core duties of the Environmental Health department, he is a member of a Public Health Team where he works closely with Emergency Preparedness Communicable Disease, Tobacco Prevention and Education (TPEP), Healthy Communities, Immunization, and Family Planning. Ryan received his bachelor degree in Foods and Nutrition from San Diego State University. During the Cohort VI program, he passed the NEHA REHS/RS exam and was promoted from Trainee to Registered Environmental Health Specialist.


Leadership Development Opportunities

I feel very fortunate to have been given an opportunity to participate in the Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute. This program has had a great impact on my personal and professional life. Through the Skillscope 360, Myers-Briggs, and Change Style Indicator, I learned much about myself: my thought processes, my communication style and how I work with others. Learning the Systems-Thinking approach has given me a new set of skills to approach difficult problems. I have enjoyed meeting others involved in similar fields and being part of a “bigger picture”. I am grateful for my mentor, coach, team members and EPHLI staff who have encouraged my growth over the past year. Thank you for such a rewarding experience.