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Heidi R. Krapfl; MS

Chief, Environmental Health Epidemiology Bureau; New Mexico Department of Health

Santa Fe, NM 87502


Heidi Krapfl is currently the Chief of the Environmental Health Epidemiology Bureau (EHEB) for the New Mexico Department of Health. Heidi began working for the New Mexico Department of Health in 2000, as an epidemiologist for the Diabetes Prevention and Control Program. After working for the program for 6 years, she took a position as an epidemiologist in the EHEB. In 2008, she was then promoted to her current position as Chief where she provides leadership and management oversight of all EHEB programs including the Asthma Program, Environmental Public Health Tracking Program, Lead Program, and Occupational Health Surveillance Program.


Heidi received her MS in Environmental Health, with a concentration in epidemiology, from Colorado State University (CSU) in 1999. While at CSU, she worked in the Environmental Health Advanced Systems Laboratory as an epidemiologic research associate on health outcomes associated with water disinfection byproducts. Her undergraduate work was conducted at the University of Michigan, where she completed a BS in Natural Resources and Environment and a BA in French in 1993.


Leadership Development Opportunities

Going into this process, I was excited but wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a bit afraid that there might be ‘trust’ exercises involved where people practiced catching one another. To my relief, there were no such exercises. Instead, my expectations were greatly exceeded. The combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and written assignments provided a great opportunity to learn new material. The exploration of the causal loop diagrams and system archetypes has really shifted my thinking and provided new insight into how to pick apart a problem so that a new path toward a solution can be revealed. I also really valued the Skillscope 360 instrument results. While there were not any surprises, per se, one result validated what I already knew and gave me the impetus to address it. Finally, the people I have met through the Institute have been fantastic, especially my team members and mentor. While I didn’t get to know everyone, my list of contacts has increased and I would not hesitate to call any of the fellows. The end result was that I have had a very rewarding year as a fellow with the Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute.