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Curt Fernandez, BSc, MAL, MBA

Manager; Environmental Health, City of Minneapolis

Department of Regulatory Services & Emergency Preparedness

Minneapolis, MN 55415


Curt Fernandez is the environmental health Manager for the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, since 2001 and is a Certified Food Manager (CFM) instructor/proctor. He holds a Bachelor in Science from University of Kerala in India, and Masters in Leadership and Masters in Business Administration from Augsburg College in Minnesota. Curt has a track record of revitalizing business operations, bringing leaders together, building relationships between regulatory entities and breaking down the silo mentality and challenging “the way it has always been done” thinking. He believes in open communication, team work, partnership, community engagement and the philosophy that government should reflect the community to serve the needs of the people. He has helped to strengthen environmental health preparedness by working with the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), the University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health, the State of Minnesota and local regulatory agencies. Curt has great vision for the direction that environmental health field is moving and directs resources to where they have the greatest public health impact. Curt was recognized by the University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health in 2004 and in 2010 for his community engagement work.


Leadership Development Opportunities

As I plan to attend the last CDC meeting to conclude my EPHLI journey, I look back on the knowledge gain and the wonderful experience I’ve had this past year (2010-11), especially discussing system thinking with my colleagues and the facilitators like Kate and Sherry. I was given timely assistance and many user-friendly tools to add to my tool box to critically and systematically think before I act up on decision to solve complex political, social and economical issues related to environmental health and customer service. Though I was using the Analyze, Plan, Implement and Evaluate (APIE) model to look at issues before I joined EPHLI, the use of the systems thinking model added value to my decision-making process. I’ve worked for the government and private industry for many years, yet the system thinking model is new to me and I am excited to learn more about the impact of this approach in serving my community. Skill scope and MBTI exercises gave me another perspective and now I understand why certain people behave differently than me when dealing with issues and working on different projects. I have learned that great leaders are focused on their vision and mission, not powerhungry. I will take the initiative to look at things from different angles and will continue to use the tools and develop the leadership skills that I have gained through EPHLI, both in my professional and personal life.