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Lorinda Lhotka, BA

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Fairbanks, Alaska 99709



Lorinda Lhotka has worked with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation since 2000, and serves as the Retail Food Specialist for the Division of Environmental Health, Food Safety and Sanitation Program.  The Food Safety Program provides local services throughout the State of Alaska, as the only local government entity to have health authority is the Municipality of Anchorage. She is responsible for training and standardizing Environmental Health Officers in retail food and serves as program expert on the Alaska Food Code and retail food issues.  Ms. Lhotka holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. 

Leadership Development Opportunities

I am very happy to have had the unique opportunity to be part of this Institute.  I was amazed by the resources and time that the Heartland Centers has put into creating a truly unique learning opportunity.  I recognize after having coworkers and myself participate in EPHLI how far the impact of this Institute goes. I have gained new insights that I have been anxious to share with others in my workplace in and in my life.   I am excited about contributing to making ADEC an exceptional place to work and be of service.


For me, the best part of being at the workshops was being with the other fellows- getting to know them, their aspirations, and their reflections on their personal growth.  I learned at the Institute that I am this way because I am an extrovert and draw my energy and renewal from fellowship with others. I appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with my Alaskan team and our Mentor Robbin Rose by contributing thoughts to their projects and expanding my understanding of Environmental Health in Alaska through them. 


Being a participant of the Institute has helped me give me permission to do many hours of personal reflection on my work habits, my understanding of working relationships, and what leadership means to me. 


I appreciate and recognize the generosity of the Institute to fly me down from Fairbanks, Alaska to participate in this program. Recognizing the enormity of the effort and cost alone just for my trip has instilled in me strongly a strong commitment to improving the Environmental Health field in Alaska.