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Jeffrey E. Suggs

Environmental Health Specialist

New Hanover County Health Department

Environmental Health Services

Wilmington, NC 28403


Jeffrey E. Suggs, RS, REHS, is an Environmental Health Specialist with the New Hanover County Health Department in Wilmington, North Carolina. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in psychology, with a heavy concentration in microbiology and earth sciences.


He has worked in public health for over six years as a regulator in most facets of Environmental Health Law and Vector Control. Prior to working in public health, he was a technician in the environmental engineering field, which afforded him the opportunity to work in soil and air sampling (asbestos).


Jeffrey conducts regulatory inspections for the Food, Lodging, and Institutions Program. Childcare centers, nursing homes, schools, and hospitals are among the various institutions he inspects. Presently, he directs the environmental health component of the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, and public swimming pools. Also, Mr. Suggs is specializes in plan review for all food handling establishments. Along with the aforementioned inspection duties, he collect samples for the Environmental Protection Agency’s ERAMS air and rainwater monitoring program, as well as the State of North Carolina’s air and radiation sampling project.

What I Learned at EPHLI

When I was accepted into the EPHLI, I was not sure exactly what the Institute was about. At first I thought that it would be a series of information seminars, but soon discovered that it was geared toward self-study and self-development. Later, I further realized that it was not only a chance for me to grow, but for the Institute develop. It seems that both the Institute and I experienced a few “growing pains.”


Working on my project has taught me the value of listening to others’ ideas and combining them into smaller, but more complete visions. The networking involved in both my project and the Institute has shown me the complexities of team building and the benefits of collaborative efforts.