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Robbin Rose

Environmentalist Supervisor

Washoe County District Health Department

Reno, NV 89512


Robbin Rose has been employed at the Washoe County District Health Department in Reno, Nevada, for the past 17 years and is an Environmentalist Supervisor in the Food Protection Program. Prior to her promotion to supervisor in September, she worked as Senior Environmentalist for the Solid Waste/Recycling Program, where she began the Greenwaste Diversion and Recycling Plan for her EPHLI project.


During her tenure at the Health Department, she worked for 13 years as the Senior Environmentalist for the Food Protection Program and developed the mandatory Food Protection Manager Certification Program. She also was a member of the Conference For Food Protection’s subcommittee that developed the “National Accreditation Standards for Certification of Food Protection Managers” and the subcommittee that developed the “National Guidelines for Food Recovery Programs”.


Robbin received her B.S. in Agriculture/Integrated Pest Management and her M.S. in Agronomy/Plant Pathology from the University of Nevada-Reno.

What I Learned at EPHLI

Wow! What an incredible two years. This journey started with being recognized as an Emerging Leader in Environmental Health and attending the Emerging Leader Conference Session in Atlanta at the 6th National Environmental Public Health Conference, in December of 2003. As an Environmental Health Specialist, I am dedicated to my profession and know that what I do probably makes a difference in protecting our environment and the public’s health. I guess I have kind of taken things for granted, doing my work from day to day, until such time as I sat down, and looked at what I have accomplished during my career.


In applying for EPHLI, it gave me time to actually sit down and really reflect on what I have done in my career and made me realize that the programs and things I have accomplished have really made a difference. EPHLI has made me realize that there are also other environmental health specialists doing outstanding jobs, have innovative ideas, and make a great difference in public health across this country. EPHLI has allowed me to network with these professionals who recognize, provide support and believe in your accomplishments. It is a great feeling to know that professionals at the federal level recognize your work and provide support and guidance. EPHLI has allowed me to accomplish and fulfill my goals set out in my application to the Institute. I wanted to “enhance my leadership skills/ abilities and become a manager whose decisions will have a positive effect on the health and welfare of our citizens”. Attending the EPHLI gave me an advantage when I interviewed for my supervisor position.


I am happy to report that I was promoted in September of 2005 and am now Supervisor of the Food Protection Program. I have improved my team building and problem-solving skills, enhanced my networking, communication and motivational abilities, and have had a wonderful experience sharing successful experiences with other professional in the field. I have learned to take a systems analysis approach to problem identification and solving. My professional development has been enhanced considerably. EPHLI has allowed me to identify areas to improve on through the Skillscope Evaluation and really help me understand how I communicate and how others observe me. I have been so fortunate to be able to attend this Institute and to be able to fulfill my personal and professional development goals. EPHLI has given me the opportunity and the tools needed to be the best person and successful Environmental Health Professional that I could ever be. Thank you so very much for this wonderful opportunity.