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Vicki Blair

Region 6 Environmental Health Manager

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Conway, SC 29526


Vicki Blair has been an Environmentalist with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control for fifteen years. She graduated from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte with a B.S. in Biology and currently is an environmental health manager in the coastal area of South Carolina.


Vicki is regional supervisor of the rabies and vector control programs but also works in all general sanitation areas. She is secretary/treasurer of the South Carolina Environmental Health Association, a section officer of the South Carolina Public Health Association, and state delegate for the Interstate Environmental Health Association.

What I Learned at EPHLI

Being a member of the inaugural class of the Environmental Public Health Institute has been a wonderful experience. The chance to work on new and existing skills with such an amazing group of facilitators, mentors, and faculty members was truly an honor. The project was definitely a challenge and, while I have worked on projects in other leadership trainings, none have been as directly related to environmental health as this one. The networking has opened my eyes to the fact that many of the problems experienced in South Carolina are certainly not specific to our state. Being able to use systems thinking to analyze the problem addressed in our project facilitated the collaboration of creating a shared vision. This allowed for the opportunity to join forces with others across the state to address our concerns with a common mission, objective, and strategy.


I can’t say enough about the fellows that have shared this journey with me. I have established personal connections with many of them and look forward to sharing experiences and challenges with them throughout my career. They are a formidable group and their respective states should be proud and honored to have them representing environmental health. Their peers have much they can learn from them and I hope they will take advantage of that opportunity. I wish them all the best and know that being of member of this class has been as memorable for them as it has for me. My sincerest thanks for the chance to participate.