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Alice L. Anderson

Assistant Professor

East Carolina University

Greenville, NC 27858

What I Learned at EPHLI

East Carolina University's Environmental Health Program is a renowned training center for Environmental Health Specialists throughout the US. Since beginning my tenure at ECU, which coincided with the start of my leadership training at EPHLI, I have discovered this. It is humbling to be part of both important endeavors which are responsible for producing leadership in the Environmental Health workforce for the future. I have also discovered in the course of the leadership institute, that I lack some skills in leadership, and have much work to do in order to maintain and continue the progress that has been made in ECU's Environmental Health program. I was given the position of graduate program director in Environmental Health since I began the EPHLI program, and have been successful in the position so far. However, I now realize that continued success depends on skills in leadership and in managing change, which continues to accelerate as time progresses.


A second, more practical outcome of opportunity that has occurred because of EPHLI is that I have volunteered to be on a strategic planning committee for the University in our department. I have put ideas and skills learned in this institute to work in academia. This is a more important task this year than ever before, since the North Carolina University System has a new President (Mr. Erskine Bowles) and East Carolina University has a new Chancellor (Dr. John Ballard) who both desire that leadership be a main part of the university curriculum.


Finally, I have been able to make use of reading material for the EPHLI sessions in my own classes on Program Management and Law. EPHLI has truly given me a whole new dimension and vantage point for these classes, both graduate and undergraduate.