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William H. Hayes Jr., BA, LEHP

Director of Health Protection Services

Knox County Health Department

Galesburg, Illinois 61401



William (Wil) Hayes graduated from Blackburn College with a bachelor’s degree in Biology in 1996. During his senior year of college Wil interned at the Macoupin County Health Department where he developed a passion for environmental health. After his graduation Wil began his career at the Knox County Health Department, which was only four years old at the time, as an Environmental Health Specialist. His passion for environmental health was fueled with the opportunity to help build the environmental public health programs at a local Health Department in it’s infancy. In 1997 Wil was promoted to Environmental Health Program’s Coordinator. He was promoted again in 1998 to Director of Environmental Health.


Wil was made the Illinois Environmental Health Associations Central Chapter member of the year in 1999 and again in 2006. He was the president of the Illinois Association of Local Environmental Administrators in 2006. In 2007 Wil held the office of president for the Illinois Environmental Health Association and has been reelected to the office for 2011. He currently holds an Illinois State license as an Environmental Health Practitioner, Lead Risk Accessor, Mosquito Pesticide Applicator, and a Food Service Sanitation Manager.


Leadership Development Opportunities

It is difficult for me to put into words what being a member of Cohort V of the Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute has meant to me. This is a program I have looked at over the past two years and making excuses for not applying. The fall of 2008 when I made the decision that it was time to submit my application; I no idea that 2009 would be the most professionally challenging year of my career for me to have taken on an endeavor of personal and professional growth.


Items such as the Myers-Briggs and Skillscope have allowed me to evaluate who I am, how I process information, perceive others, react to situations, and better understand my comfort zone. Working on the assignments and my leadership project has allowed for additional professional growth and allowed me to stay focused on Environmental Public Health.


The week- long work sessions provide an invaluable opportunity for networking and professional growth. The chance to work with trainers, mentors, coaches, and other professionals the level of which EPHLI provides is tremendous opportunity that I was truly honored to be allowed to participate in.


I want to thank CDC, for their support of the Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute and what they have done to promote Environmental Public Health.