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Timothy J. Murphy, Ph.D., R.E.H.S.

Associate Professor

The University of Findlay

Findlay, OH 45840


Dr. Murphy is an Associate Professor in the Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Management Programs at The University of Findlay. He has more than 25 years experience in environmental and safety management and has managed environmental projects for governmental agencies, and industrial and private sector clients.


Dr. Murphy has a detailed working knowledge of EPA and OSHA regulations and is experienced in project start-up and management, emergency responses including regulatory compliance, incident command, initial response, chemistry of hazardous materials, and hazardous materials incident analysis and has managed a number of Superfund cleanups. Dr. Murphy’s primary interests include emergency preparedness and emergency response to all types of hazards, solid and hazardous waste management, in-situ bioremediation, risk assessment and risk management, emergency response and environmental remediation project management. In addition, he continues his research in the area of landfill solute transport and the most effective way to wet waste in a bioreactor landfill.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Participation in the EPHLI institute has helped in many ways, first, the recognition that others that you respect, believe you to be a leader or future leader gives you confidence to be that leader. The networking with the Faculty, Mentors and individuals from the CDC is invaluable, you find so many ideas and suggestions on how to work through a difficult problem that you are facing when speaking with them. I found the seminars on conflict management that were presented in St. Louis to be very beneficial and I have started to use those techniques in my life.