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Richard Michelback, R.E.H.S, C.F.S.P

Alexandria Health Department

Alexandria, VA


Mr. Richard Michelback is an Environmental Health Technical Specialist at the Alexandria Health Department, Environmental Health Division.  He has been in the Environmental Health field for 14 years and his current duties are primarily in the food program. He is the Certified Food Program Inspection/Training Officer responsible for maintaining standardization, and conducting training for field staff.  He also works in other areas such as indoor environmental issues, pool safety, lead-based paint, food-borne illness investigation, and community and industry relations.


Richard started his Environmental Health career while serving in the Unites States Marine Corps for 6 years.  Afterward, he attended George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia on an athletic scholarship, and received a B.A. degree in biology.

Leadership Development Opportunities

The Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute was an invaluable learning experience for me.  Looking back on the past year, I find that I have learned more about myself in this short twelve months than I have in last twelve or so years of my environmental health career. 


The Institute opened my eyes to how important leadership will be in the coming years and that if I am to be an effective leader, I need to make some changes.  I found that there are many things I have to learn to be better prepared to assume leadership when the opportunity arises.  I learned and discovered the value of networking in the sense of seeing how colleagues working in different parts of the country deal with some of the same issues.  I learned self study is difficult for me and that I really need to set long and short term goals to complete tasks.  I learned that working in groups can be easier than working alone, but it also can be more challenging.  I learned how I tend to deal with change and that it's important to try and understand how others deal with change as well.  I plan to take what I've learned about myself and work to be a better leader.