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James C. Mack, M.P.A., B.S.E.H., R.S.

Foodborne Disease Outbreak Investigator/

    Oregon EHS-Net Site Coordinator

Office of Environmental Public Health

Oregon Public Health Division

Portland, OR 97232


James C. Mack holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Illinois - Springfield, Springfield Illinois. Mr. Mack has held public sector positions at the county, state, and federal level of government. Additionally, Mr. Mack was a collaborating partner in a private sector enterprise focusing on the care of children.


During the past year, Mr. Mack was the Oregon Public Health Division Environmental Health Emergency Preparedness Specialist. Recently, Mr. Mack returned to his love of system dynamics and research through a cooperative agreement with NCEH/CDC as the Oregon EHS-Net Site Coordinator and Foodborne Disease Outbreak Investigator.


Mr. Mack has served as the Secretary of Illinois Environmental Health Association,

President of Oregon Environmental Health Association, President of Cultural Festival Inc. (an enterprise involving children and young adults in the arts), and is presently a member of the Clackamas County, Oregon Diversity Leadership Council.

Leadership Development Opportunities

October 2000 was an important and what I consider a momentous time in my growth as an EPH professional and as an individual. It was at that time, as part of a burgeoning effort (Environmental, Health Specialist Network - EHS-Net) on the part of the National Center for Environmental Health, CDC that I was introduced to the concept of “system thinking. Although I had always prided myself on my understanding of EPH, it was not until this moment in time that I realized how little I had actually understood. Therefore, I came into the EPHLI experience with an increasing desire to delve ever deeper into the "abyss" of system dynamics. In that respect, EPHLI has more than afforded me the opportunity to do just that.


Two program elements - the self-assessments and system thinking exercises - were by far the most influential components of the EPHLI experience. The benefit of these tools to my growth cannot be measured by mere words. My coach, Sherry Immediato, Managing Director of the Society for Organizational Learning, was instrumental in allowing me to be free with my thoughts. W. Lee Fielstad, Vice-President, The Verbal Judo Institute, Inc., presentation on tactical communication strategies gave light to what constitute "real" strength.


Last but most certainly not least, was the experience of interacting with the many professionals in the field of environmental public health. The camaraderie, the opportunity to view through the prism of observation varied perspectives. I am grateful and thankful for the chance to go through this experience, for it shall forever be a moment on a journey to places yet uncharted, that has equip me to become a better person, professional and yes, a leader.