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Patricia Ferrao, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.S.

Environmental Health Supervisor

Alexandria Health Department

Alexandria, VA


Ms. Patricia Ferrao is an Environmental Health Supervisor at the Alexandria Health Department, Vector-borne Illness Prevention Program. She currently manages all working aspects of the Vector-borne Illness Prevention Program for the City of Alexandria.  Her expertise is in the field of Medical Entomology and has ten years of work experience in the area of mosquito control and arboviral disease management.


Patricia has a dual Master's Degree in Science with specialization in Neurophysiology and Chemical Ecology.  Her Post-Graduate degrees are from the University of Bombay, India and Simon Fraser University, British Columbia.

Leadership Development Opportunities

I would like to thank the Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute for the opportunity to participate and learn from the Institute activities in the past year. The Systems Approach Thinking Process and the Ten Essentials Services in a Public Health Program are very valuable tools. I have a feeling that I will be constantly referring back to them in all my adventures in public health from now on. 


The Institute has been monumental in providing an avenue to help create bridges and interact with other professionals (Fellows and Mentors) in the field of Environmental Health. I look forward to tapping this very knowledgeable (and fun) resource in the very near future.