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Holly Feltner, B.S.

Environmental Health Biologist

Alexandria Health Department

Alexandria, VA


Ms. Holly Feltner is an Environmental Health Biologist at the Alexandria Health Department, Vector-borne Illness Prevention Program.  She has been in the Environmental Health field for two years, primarily operating in the Rabies and Vector-Borne Illness Prevention Programs.  A significant amount of time is spent identifying mosquitoes and educating the public on diseases transmitted by animals and insects.  She also works with Water Quality issues as they relate to drinking water and Indoor Environmental issues as they relate to various contaminants such as mold, chemicals, pets, and insects. 


Holly left Kansas State University with a B.S. in Animal Sciences/Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and a B.S. in Kinesiology.  She has spent two years in England studying Equine Respiratory Physiology, not recognizing the analogy of COPD in horses would someday turn to the equivalent of asthma in humans. 

Leadership Development Opportunities

Upon completion of the Environmental Health Leadership Institute and reflecting on the past year, I will try to summarize this once in a lifetime experience.  First, I was not aware of two critical tools, Systems Thinking and the 10 Essential Services of Environmental Health prior to attending the Institute.  These are integral tools in the Environmental Health Field, and I plan to use these extensively in the years ahead.  Second, I was part of a unique team, working with two coworkers.  Learning that I am an introverted thinker with intuition (MBTI), and a slight originator (CSI), has given me a better perspective on why I may preform the way I do, likewise, participating team members. 


Finally, our project was completely different from the program I work in, so time management and communication was critical for all parties.  When working so closely in a team, it is imperative to keep these things in mind for both individual and team growth and development. 


My greatest take away from the year has been the opportunity to network.  This was useful not only with faculty, fellows, and mentors but also city officials whom I may have never had the opportunity to meet.  As the year ends, I plan to take the opportunity to focus on particular challenges brought to light in my CSI, both professionally and now personally.